I have come to realize that the mind of a constant wanderer is different from the mind of the firmly grounded. Different things fulfil us and fill our dreams. We selfishly value experiences higher than people. We need solitude and independence at times, but companionship and love at others, switching from one to the other in a way that is cruel to those on the outside. Know that if you leave, you are forever changing your future. And when you return, some may still love you, but others will hate you for it.


Pennsylvania pine tree canopy silhouette:
strewn lightning bug network unites,
forms punctuation matrix,
omits all periods, knows only commas,
ampersands, ellipses…

Sizzle follows flash,
punctuated bang from location unknown,
bullfrogs holding breaths, unison gulp,
eyes bulge as lake illuminates,
darkens; silence divides
to accommodate exclamations,
sky-bound confirmations
of American Independence.

The real show is in the trees, though,
which we watch, dock-perched:
pin-prick flames of fireflies
blink & twinkle,
thorax incandescence
imbuing sylvan silhouette
with glitter of fairytale magic
above which blow—slow
as molasses or country folk—
cloud ghosts with no place to go,
heavens alive with starlight,
vagrant meteors
which sizzle,

perfuming the air with marijuana
on docks that bob
but host no boats,
only groan under weight
of two huddled bodies
which cling together and watch—
holding breaths with bullfrogs,
whispering with crickets,
swaying with lake undulations
that rock half to sleep
two occupants whose minds
are as alive as the heavens
are with starlight,
minds glutted
with infantile wonderment,
minds which wander from heavens & canopy
to incomprehensible immateriality,
minds which are livened back to reality
by punctual blasts of Independence,
back to the reality of two dock-bound bodies
bobbing atop Pennsylvania lakes
which hush for each bang
then breathe, relax, repeat…

Silhouettes upon silhouettes,
two bodies shudder, huddle closer,
squeeze, breathe into one another
through lips which quiver,
eyes alive, glitter-lit
by twilight firefly meanderings.
Another vagrant meteor, a comma, ellipses.
A flash, a sizzle, a bang and a pause.

Lights in the dark which twinkle, blink,
flash & fade

Dylan Anderson
February 22, 2014